Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)

What is a Commonwealth Home Support Programme?

The Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) helps older Australians to access entry-level support services to enable you or your loved one to live independently and safely at home.

As you get older, everyday tasks can become more difficult. Even though you need support, you may still want to live at home. Asking for support does not mean losing your independence or moving out of home. CHSP works with you to maintain your independence rather than doing things for you. 

Who can access CHSP?

If you are an older person aged 65 years or above, or an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander aged 50 years or older, having difficulties managing at home you may be eligible to access a HCP.

You will need an aged care assessment and may be asked to contribute an income tested care fee to DACS. Your income tested care fee is calculated by Services Australia (refer to DACS can support you through the process to obtain a My Aged Care referral as needed.

Find out more about our services below or contact DACS today.

CHSP Services

  • Domestic assistance
  • Flexible respite
  • Personal care
  • Social support
  • Allied health and programs 
    • Occupational therapy
    • Physiotherapy
    • Exercise physiology
    • Podiatry
    • Nutrition management
    • Diversional therapy.


Access to our services will not be determined by inability to meet the nominated fees. Financial hardship can be discussed with DACS and will be kept confidential.

CHSP Fees and Charges

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